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Sharif Walker

It is my personal mission and responsibility to advocate for, and develop transformative community constructs that help youth and their families thrive!

Civic and Social Engagement

Community connectivity is essential to creating the leverage needed for families to thrive.

Youth Program Assessment and Design

Youth development practices immersed in essential human needs are critical to creating impactful out-of-school time experiences.

Youth Sports Advocacy

Community sports have been at the heart of youth development and community engagement for decades… and so have I!

Career Mentoring and Coaching

As a director for the largest teen serving organization in the midwest, I benefited from on-going professional development and training  early in my career. 


Civic and Social Engagement

Understanding the varying political, social and professional entities that exist within one’s neighborhood, and how to engage those supports to maximize the families full potential is an essential skill. I can help!

  Create a civic and social web of opportunity

★  Maximize the power of the community coalition

  Move groups to mutual understanding


Focus Groups

Coalition Building

Youth Sports Advocacy

Organized sporting activities have provided support from creation of safe spaces, mental and physical development, meaningful coaching and mentoring from caring adults, career exploration, to creating viable pathways to post-secondary opportunities and so much more. My experience transitioning from player, to coach, to organizer, to professional span over 40 years!

  Present the case for resources to support access to athletics for populations with the highest need

★  Build sports networks that increase the presence and impact of community sports anywhere

  Maximize the ability for caring adults to help young people develop through athletics

Career Mentoring and Coaching

The leadership skills I developed helped me transition successfully through 5 different CEOs. I have used those experiences along with my master’s degree in organizational leadership to support numerous direct reports and peers to internal and external position promotions. Allow me to support you or your group to the next big career move.

   Find the right career path (personality, preferences, talents)

★  Get to the career of your dreams (skill development needs)

  Move to the next level in your career (increase chances of promotion)

Youth Program Assessment and Design

Whether creating innovative content or integrating true youth voice practices, my experiences in managing a wide array of programs of every model and content area will help elevate your offerings. Let’s work together!

  Take a deep dive into existing program offerings to assess and elevate youth impact

★  Provide staff with the tools needed to build great program environments

  Create innovative program offerings embedded in youth voice

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