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Blog/Video content in this area will focus on 5 topics that are very important to me. I hope you enjoy!

The Value of Community Sports 

Civic and Social Engagement: An Extended Family 

The Essentials of a Great Youth Program 

The Power of Listening as a Leader 

Realizing and Utilizing your Super Power!


Accessing and Activating your Super Powers – Part 1

Accessing and Activating your Super Powers – Part 1

Yeah, that‘s me... A young, impressionable kid growing up on Chicago’s north side – Howard Street. There was always something about superheroes that I wanted to encompass. Yes, the super powers they possessed were impressive. But more than that, the way they used them...

Super Powers In The Hood

Super Powers In The Hood

My Dad was many things I admired; an airforce pilot that talked me through every intricate detail of how paper airplanes flew, an architect who I watched draw designs for structures made of steel and concrete, a father with an afro and a dashiki that demanded respect...

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